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About Mr. R.D.D. Gurnani

President, The India Foundation (IF) 

Shri R.D.D. Gurnani started The India Foundation (IF) in Utrecht to bring the diaspora community together and provide them with a place to celebrate and honour their culture and festivals.

His extensive experience in organising events and networking with a range of organisations is reflected in activities of the Foundation. 



A Business Man With Passion For Communit


A businessman with zeal for social and community services, Mr. R.D.D. Gurnani is popularly known as Dave Gurnani


Due to his passion for serving the society, he initiated and installed the statue of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October, 2016.

On 12th January 2024, Mr. Gurnani initiated and installed the first statue of Swami Vivekananda in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


He founded The India Foundation (IF) in order to focus his energy in Serving the Society

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